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Elevating The Inbox: Cory Falter of Lure Agency Joins Constant Contact Advisory Board

Lure Agency proudly announces that founder and partner Cory Falter, a well-recognized figure in the B2B hospitality marketing landscape, has been invited to join the Constant Contact Agency Advisory Board. This exclusive board comprises less than 25 elite agency partners from multiple industries, selected for their exceptional expertise and influence in the agency community.

This strategic appointment reflects Cory Falter's substantial contributions and thought leadership in the hospitality marketing sector. As a part of Constant Contact’s Agency Advisory Board, he will provide invaluable insights and strategic guidance on the company’s agency partner program, contributing to aligning Constant Contact with current market trends and influencing future product developments.

Constant Contact, founded in 1995 by Randy Parker, has evolved significantly from its early days as a small email marketing service. After going public in 2007, the company expanded its offerings to include a variety of online marketing tools, such as social media and event marketing. Today, Constant Contact remains a prominent player in the online marketing space, widely recognized for its user-friendly tools and commitment to aiding organizations of all sizes in expanding their online presence.

Cory's role on the Advisory Board underscores Lure Agency's commitment to staying at the forefront of digital marketing innovations and collaborations. His participation ensures that Lure Agency remains intimately connected with emerging trends and technological advancements, further enhancing our clients' services.

"I am thrilled to join the Constant Contact Agency Advisory Board, a platform that aligns perfectly with Lure Agency's vision of nurturing impactful relationships and driving revenue in the hospitality sector. This opportunity allows us to share our insights and learn from other industry leaders, fostering a collaborative environment where innovation thrives. Together, we aim to shape the future of digital marketing, ensuring that strategies not only resonate with current trends but also pave the way for new, dynamic approaches in the ever-evolving digital landscape."

- Cory Falter, Founder and Partner, Lure Agency

The Agency Advisory Board will afford its members, including Cory, early access to Constant Contact’s product innovations, opportunities for collaboration with the company’s leadership and product teams, tailored benefits, enhanced market visibility, and crucial customer insights.

Cory Falter's acceptance to join the Advisory Board is a testament to his and Lure Agency’s enduring dedication to innovation and excellence in digital marketing. We are excited about this appointment's opportunities for Cory and Lure Agency to influence and contribute to the broader digital marketing community.

For more information, please contact Lure Agency at [email protected].

About Lure Agency

Lure Agency is renowned for its passion for R&R – Relationships and Revenue. This Hospitality B2B marketing agency stands out for its unique "Science and Soul" approach, expertly fusing data-driven strategies with creative flair. Specializing in helping independent resorts, tech companies, and suppliers and vendors in the hospitality industry.

Lure Agency crafts success stories by balancing human connection with tailored strategies. Their work goes beyond mere business transactions; it's a journey of collaboration and innovation.

Lure Agency is committed to concocting success stories and inviting interested parties to learn more at

About Constant Contact

Constant Contact delivers everything small businesses and nonprofits need to build, grow, and succeed. With powerful online marketing tools, contact management and sales features, and innovative AI capabilities, Constant Contact makes it easy to attract the right people, engage more customers, close more deals and grow.

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