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Welcome to Lure Agency, where data and creativity meet passion. As a Hospitality B2B marketing agency, we’re devoted to transforming insights into tangible revenue. 

With our unique "Science and Soul" approach, we seamlessly blend data-driven decisions with creative flair, ensuring you witness your investments and the fruitful returns they bring. 

Dive in and watch relationships and results flourish.

Anti-Agency Agency

No big boxes, cookie-cutters, or run around. Concierge-level service.

Science & Soul

The Pillars Behind Lure: Where Passion Meets Profession

Introducing Lure Agency's leadership - a team where passion intertwines seamlessly with profession. Beyond the confines of their desks, they champion lasting relationships that echo our core ethos of R&R (Relationships & Revenue), reflecting in both work and personal lives. While you see our leadership's faces, remember, they’re backed by a vast, Science & Soul-compliant network, dedicated to tailor-made solutions just for you.
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Cory Falter >>

Partner & Visionary

The passionate and innovative founder spent his first life pro racing dirt bikes, which segued nicely into the extreme sport of sales and marketing. Cory starts fast, finishes first.
Melissa Michelle >>

Content Manager

Melissa brings the magic touch to our content game. With her keen eye for detail and creativity, she transforms ideas into engaging stories that captivate our audience. Her commitment to delivering quality content is unwavering, making her an invaluable part of our team.
Susan Tucker >>

Partner & Integrator

Human-to-human marketing geek and organizer of tasks, Susan helps the analogged navigate the digital landscape and keeps our team on track. She’s fluent and fired up on blogging, content, email and all our secret sauce tools.
Michael Duffy >>


Duffy’s dual educated right and left brains come together to create synergistic concepts & copy,
brand identities and experiential adventures. Serious science + soul storytelling.

Alessandra Roqueta  >>

Director of Engagement

Writing and shooting with a digital lens and a global filter, Allie contently trips us out with her journey from keywords to stories to experiences to communities. She shares well with others.

Why our values are money.

People lead to profits.

We believe in relationships & revenue, in that order. It takes work, but it pays off. We use the marketing version of your signature personal service. Then we translate it into a valuable, interesting, and informative content conversation that converts interest into sales, and prospects into long-term loyal customers. It’s meaningful. It’s measurable. 

Explore our Core Values below.

Relationships First

Nothing is more important than family, partners, and colleagues.

Strategic Accountability

We prioritize outcomes over deliverables with brutal honesty.

Technology Meets Creativity

Effective marketing requires both science and soul.

Extreme Transparency

Open and honest communication requires the good, bad and especially the ugly.

K9-Like Agility

Change is the only constant in life. There's no such thing as expert marketers. Only expert testers.
    Director of Sales & Marketing Stonewall Resort
    "Our results with Lure Agency have been crazy impressive!! This strategy has been a life-saver for us, especially considering Stonewall's rural location. We barely saw a fraction of this conversion rate when relying on 3rd party services. The magic lies in the human touch – real people connecting authentically. Launching this at the beginning of COVID, when people were desperate for genuine resources and contact, was perfectly timed. We're now efficiently operating with two salespeople instead of the previous 3.5, all thanks to a stream of highly qualified leads."
  • John Davies
    VP of Marketing
    Benchmark Resorts & Hotels
    "The team at the Lure Agency are valued partners in our integrated marketing efforts and are always eager to be an active, collaborative, and committed ally with our ongoing marketing programs, initiatives, and campaigns. Most importantly, they are always focused on driving and improving revenue performance."
    General Manager
    "I can't say enough about Cory, Susan and the whole team at Lure Agency for what we've had this year; 2022 has been the most successful year in Wingspread history. We came into this project at a scary time, right before COVID, trying to build this brand and tell the story. There was nothing we could do during that dark time but try to get some marketing traction and Cory and Susan provided that for us, through blogs, email and social marketing. All the intel they put together really helped us to hit the right client, at the right time. The mixture of Susan's science and Cory's soul, and being able to tell the story for us, has really made a world of difference. We are so grateful for Lure's partnership and look forward to working together for many years to come."
  • Darryl Riddlespurger
    Owner & CEO
    StoreHouse Technologies
    “Cory and his team are exceptional lead generation and sales enablement professionals. Very responsive and easy to work with at a reasonable cost. They are always thinking outside the box to come up with new and innovative ways to solve problems and maximize return. I will continue to use Lure’s services and highly recommend them.“
  • Damon Lockrem
    Director of Sales and Marketing
    Westin Rancho Mirage Golf Resort
    “I’m most impressed with the Social Media and Content Marketing services we’ve received from Lure. They were instrumental in helping us spread awareness and drive revenue during our re-opening. They are reliable, outside-the-box thinkers and always come to the table with fresh ideas to help generate buzz, engagement, and revenue.”
  • Denielle Godwin
    Area Director, Sales & Catering
    Coury Hospitality
    “I have partnered with the Lure Agency for seven years. They are gifted marketers with skills beyond the norm. They expertly identify the needs of my business and apply solutions that bring results to the bottom line. They have a vast understanding of multiple industries and have developed various creative programs that have been instrumental in putting our organization on the map while growing our brand image. Their patience, commitment, willingness to go the extra mile, and spunk make them a delight to work with as well. In a world of average marketing, I’m so glad Lure Agency took the time to walk us through taking the leap and take on an entirely new way to market.— with their vision and commitment, we have grown our revenues beyond budget year after year.”