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What is not measured cannot be improved. Knowing the good, bad, and especially the ugly when it comes to your sales and marketing is critical for maximizing revenue potential.

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If you scored between 0 and 44, your marketing strategy might be underperforming.

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Marketing Performance

First, we’ll first audit your website, dive into keyword analytics and identify opportunities where your business can capitalize and how you stack up against your competitors.


Brand and Positioning

Next, we’ll assess your mission and positioning to determine it’s in line with the company’s future goals, then make suggestions on how to boldy stand out in your industry.

Jake Newman
Customer Development Supervisor
Newman Window & Doors

“Our former marketing strategy was to pay Google over 10k a month in pay-per-click to acquire all our customers since no one showed us there was any other way. The Marketing Assessment really opened our eyes and helped us revise our strategy which dramatically increased our conversion rate while reducing our paid media budget.

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