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Time for some straight talk.

We don’t evade, we evolve by embracing challenges from you, from your competitors and from our team. 

We especially dig straight talk with curve-ball questions. That kind of honesty blasts through vanilla thinking. Tasty. 
We were born in 2012 and celebrate our birthday every September! 🥳 Our core team has been together since 2015, even before TikTok.
We believe in relationships first, yours and ours. We are strategic and accountable, creative and agile. Full transparency and collaboration are essential in helping grow your bottom line. Learn more here >>
Lure Agency is an B2B hospitality marketing agency that specializes in identifying, converting and retaining more revenue for our clients through sales enablement, lead generation, and performance marketing.
We use our proven Science and Soul methodology to refine our approach, based on our own hospitality b2b successes and learnings.

We then share this knowledge with our clients by leveraging technology to automate data-driven testing in an effort to continually improve upon past efforts. We know what works because we test the heck out of it. That’s a win-win!
Absolutely. We understand at the end of the day, it’s all about the bottom line.

Did you happen to check out our results section of this website?

Just ask and we’d be happy to provide you with specific examples.
We’ve heard more than once that we’re extremely responsive. Typically, we provide monthly reporting and quarterly team sessions to evaluate past performance and strategize for the period ahead.

We don’t believe in ghost(ing).
It’s no secret, the vast majority of marketing engagements have moved online. The landscape has changed dramatically, but what motivates people to buy has not.

People still say “yes” to people who they like and trust, both offline and online.

Our proven methodology of “Science”, utilizing data to find the audience and “Soul”, for crafting just the right messaging that connects and converts.
While B2B hospitality marketing is technically company to company, all marketing is still human to human. Our methodology has been proven to build relationships and drive revenue. 

It's all about the R&R. 
We don’t believe in legally binding anyone to a long-term commitment. The value and performance should speak for themselves or we’re not doing our job.

With that said, tangible results do take time and vary depending on the budget and objective.

Sorry, but we can’t promise to double your revenue in 10 days.
Our goal is the success of our partnership, our tried-and-true method of asking the right kind of questions and building successful relationships is the cornerstone of our working relationship.
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. Reassessing your strategy is an important part of every client engagement.

Simply put, we want to more of what’s working and less of what’s not.
It’s important that we work together in a way that works for both of us. That’s why transparency is so important to us and we always communicate what’s going on, how things are progressing, and what results we are seeing from our efforts.

We want to make sure you feel comfortable working with us and know that we have your best interests in mind. That’s why it’s important that we maintain open lines of communication throughout the process.