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Record revenue. Smiles down aisles. Group hugs.

In the world of B2B sales, building trust is paramount. 

At Lure, our approach is simple yet profound: Listen before we lead. By deeply understanding both you and your prospects, we pave the way for sales that resonate. 

With personal interaction as our driving force, we're here to empower your journey from trust to transaction.

Party with Profit: A Strategy that W.I.N.S. 

Ever thought of mixing science, soul, and a sprinkle of sass?  That's our cocktail for success! 

Dive into our W.I.N.S strategy: a sizzling dance of four steps that gets the party started and keeps the revenue rocking all night long.
Our 4-step W.I.N.S. Strategy
Our process
Questions to ask: 

Do you have an exceptional experience with clear navigation, white
space, and CTAs?

Does your website speak to offer educational content designed for all phases of the buyer's journey?

Do you have social proof like testimonials, reviews and case studies?
Ask yourself these questions:

How do you segment your prospects (e.g., by demographics, behavior)?

What tools or methods do you use to track and analyze prospect interactions?

How do you gather and utilize feedback from current and potential customers?

What criteria do you use to identify high-potential prospects?

How often do you review and adjust your prospect identification strategies?
Staying top of mind is vital:

Are you consistently producing content and/or engaging on Linkedin?

Do your clients only hear from you when you need to sell?

Are you connecting with your existing clients at least once a month with
value, not promos?

What types of content do you use to engage prospects (blogs, newsletters, webinars, etc.)?

How do you tailor your content to the different stages of the customer journey?
People want to work with those whom they know, like and trust.

Are you taking the time to build a relationship?

Do you continue to nurture a prospect even if there's no immediate sale?

Are you a trusted advisor or just another self-serving salesperson?

What strategies do you employ to build and maintain trust throughout the customer journey?

What are your follow-up procedures after initial contact or a sale?

Stability and Reliability

Founded in 2012 with average partner retention of three years.

Top Level Accountability

Our leadership team has been together since 2015. The buck stops with them.

Platinum-Level Certification

Earned SharpSpring highest’s certification level, reserved for elite marketers.

Our Sauce is Never Secret

Knowledge is power. And we love sharing it all with our partners.

The Anti-Agency, Agency

No big boxes, cookie-cutters, or run around. Concierge-level service.

Learning Curves are Costly

Turnover results in time and money. Our owners are also our account managers.

Lure’s Elixir: Where Strategy Sips on Creativity.

Our cocktail of brand strategy, creative conception, and razor-sharp execution guarantees your brand doesn't just make an entrance but commands an encore. From our inspiring web development to insightful data analytics, consider your bottom line not just boosted but bedazzled. Ready for a revenue revolution? Let's play.

Brand Strategy

Darth Vader wouldn’t giggle. 
The core why values of your brand surgically leverage what you offer, and they influence the entire narrative you use, how and where it lives, and who its delivered to. You would not believe how easy the rest of marketing (and sales) becomes when you nail this single gem. Brand Strategy >>

CRM Consultation

Where Strategy Meets Swagger. 
We’ll transform your team into tech wizards, mastering every tool and boosting productivity exponentially. Expect personalized training, seamless integration, and a sales revolution. Welcome to unparalleled excellence and your new secret weapon in sales and marketing success—let's go! 


We’ll Dial in your Digital. Turn Spam into Bam. 
Motivate and automate. U-turn from the dark outbound tunnel to the friendly feel of the inbound funnel. You’ll get paid search that pays off, and SEO that doesn’t read like a bot wrote it. Marketing Execution >>

Website Development

Looks Aren’t Everything, but They’re Pretty Close. 
We know the colors that convert, the shapes that shift perspectives and the interactive flows that make browsers buy.
Every brand, no matter how seemingly mundane, has an enthralling story waiting to be told. Your audience is craving something more than just a price tag - they're seeking a narrative that sparkles with uniqueness. Website Dev >>

Creative Concept

Caffeinate Your Consumer with the Idea Jolt. 
Truth is, they don’t care about you to begin with. So we have to figure out a way to wake up their heads and hearts with words and pictures. We’ll get them thinking about you in ways you’ve never imagined, and they’ll respond like you’ve never imagined. Creative Concept >>

Social Sales TRaining

Sipping Success from a Digital Vineyard. 
Forget cold calls; it's time for warm connections. In this realm, sales pros become social butterflies, fluttering through digital platforms. They turn every scroll into a strategy, transforming likes into leads, comments into trust. It's not about pitching; it's about enchanting. Just like savoring fine wine, building online relationships uncorks new sales possibilities. Sales Training >>
    Director of Sales & Marketing Stonewall Resort
    "Our results with Lure Agency have been crazy impressive!! This strategy has been a life-saver for us, especially considering Stonewall's rural location. We barely saw a fraction of this conversion rate when relying on 3rd party services. The magic lies in the human touch – real people connecting authentically. Launching this at the beginning of COVID, when people were desperate for genuine resources and contact, was perfectly timed. We're now efficiently operating with two salespeople instead of the previous 3.5, all thanks to a stream of highly qualified leads."
  • John Davies
    VP of Marketing
    Benchmark Resorts & Hotels
    "The team at the Lure Agency are valued partners in our integrated marketing efforts and are always eager to be an active, collaborative, and committed ally with our ongoing marketing programs, initiatives, and campaigns. Most importantly, they are always focused on driving and improving revenue performance."
    General Manager
    "I can't say enough about Cory, Susan and the whole team at Lure Agency for what we've had this year; 2022 has been the most successful year in Wingspread history. We came into this project at a scary time, right before COVID, trying to build this brand and tell the story. There was nothing we could do during that dark time but try to get some marketing traction and Cory and Susan provided that for us, through blogs, email and social marketing. All the intel they put together really helped us to hit the right client, at the right time. The mixture of Susan's science and Cory's soul, and being able to tell the story for us, has really made a world of difference. We are so grateful for Lure's partnership and look forward to working together for many years to come."
  • Darryl Riddlespurger
    Owner & CEO
    StoreHouse Technologies
    “Cory and his team are exceptional lead generation and sales enablement professionals. Very responsive and easy to work with at a reasonable cost. They are always thinking outside the box to come up with new and innovative ways to solve problems and maximize return. I will continue to use Lure’s services and highly recommend them.“
  • Damon Lockrem
    Director of Sales and Marketing
    Westin Rancho Mirage Golf Resort
    “I’m most impressed with the Social Media and Content Marketing services we’ve received from Lure. They were instrumental in helping us spread awareness and drive revenue during our re-opening. They are reliable, outside-the-box thinkers and always come to the table with fresh ideas to help generate buzz, engagement, and revenue.”
  • Denielle Godwin
    Area Director, Sales & Catering
    Coury Hospitality
    “I have partnered with the Lure Agency for seven years. They are gifted marketers with skills beyond the norm. They expertly identify the needs of my business and apply solutions that bring results to the bottom line. They have a vast understanding of multiple industries and have developed various creative programs that have been instrumental in putting our organization on the map while growing our brand image. Their patience, commitment, willingness to go the extra mile, and spunk make them a delight to work with as well. In a world of average marketing, I’m so glad Lure Agency took the time to walk us through taking the leap and take on an entirely new way to market.— with their vision and commitment, we have grown our revenues beyond budget year after year.”