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Steer Clear of These LinkedIn No-No's

In this ongoing series on social selling, we are covering topics designed to help you grow revenue through authentic connections, specifically using LinkedIn as your social platform.

In previous posts we’ve talked about the importance of serving, then understanding the concept of social selling, how to grow your LinkedIn into a profit generating machine and most recently we took a deep dive into LinkedIn "Dos".

Today, we're going to the opposite end of the spectrum by sharing a few things you definitely do NOT want to do on LinkedIn. It's a find balance of utilizing LinkedIn as a prospecting resource and actually making valuable connections that will stick. This list

LinkedIn Don’ts (And, a Few More "Do's")

1. Do Not Add Connections to Your Email List (Without Their Consent)

While it may be tempting to do, you should not export your connection list and add them do a third-party email marketing service provider. Not only is this illegal in some countries, it's in poor form. Just because they connected with you on LinkedIn, it doesn't mean they want to be connected to outside the platform.

2. Do Not Connect With Everyone and Anyone

A a LION (LinkedIn Open Networker) accepts a connection request from absolutely anyone and while it may seem like an excellent way to grow your network quickly, it is neither efficient nor effective. What you should focus on is connecting with the right people. Connections that are reputable and targeted prospects will get you the most bang for your "time buck".

3. Do Not Share Posts That Can Hurt Your Reputation & Your Personal Brand

Because LinkedIn is a social platform for businesses and professionals, you want to treat it how you would in a face-to-face business meeting. That means some posts are inappropriate.

Here are the types of posts to avoid on LinkedIn.

  •  Controversial Posts

Your LinkedIn connections are likely clients, potential clients, colleagues, and other professionals in your vertical. Therefore you'll want to avoid topics that tend to polarize people, especially controversial ones with a negative connotation. LinkedIn is the last place to be a part of debates that are irrelevant to your business goals.

  • Political or Religious Posts

People are passionate about politics and religion, and those types of posts should be avoided altogether on LinkedIn. Polarizing debates on each of these topics is one of the reasons Facebook usage has started to decline. Your connections can take great offense if you believe differently than they do, so it's best not to go there at all.

  • Sales Pitch Posts

It may be tempting to "pitch" on LinkedIn but it's not necessarily the place to do it, simply because you're using the platform to build relationships that are moved offline.

Use LinkedIn as a place to focus on providing value, so that when your prospects need someone who does what you do, you are the first person who comes to mind.

  • Inappropriate Personal Posts

While you should be social, you can be social AND professional at the same time. That means no cat memes, no posts of what you ate for lunch (unless it is relevant to your profession), no drinking/partying pics, and your LinkedIn connections certainly don’t need to know anything about your ex.

Here are a few more LinkedIn Don'ts to Consider

  • Don't let your profile go dormant.
  • Don't spam.
  • Don't be self-indulgent.
  • Don't blanket connect.
  • Don't use broken links. Create a vanity URL and keep all profile links up-to-date.
  • Don't hog conversations.

If you're kind and respectful of your connections time, these don'ts should be no problem.

Remember, You'll Get More Social Selling Traction When You Share These Types of Posts on LinkedIn

  1. Posts That Are Timely and Relevant
  2. Conversation Inspiring Posts
  3. Professional Changes or Wins Posts
  4. Personal Touch Posts

Check out a more comprehensive list of "Do's" in this post.

LinkedIn can be a good tool to build business relationships, complement your job search, build authority and a strong personal brand – as long as it’s used well. Don't let these "don'ts" erase your potential for social selling success.

Whether you need help with social selling or with any of your hospitality digital marketing, we can help. 

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