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Heal Your Hotel Sales Pipeline! The Secret To Relieving RFP Fatigue

The original concept of the RFP was created with good intentions. It was originally developed as a standardized process for submitting clear and consistent information between the planner and the property.

Boost Efforts With This Hotel Sales Technique

Most recently, online platforms hit the market in a big way enabling companies to distribute dozens of RFPs with ease. This shift if enablement has increased submissions. The volume has spiked and the managing the process has become overwhelming, decreasing response time and ultimately conversion rates.

Can’t we all agree? Responding to RFPs can a daunting, but necessary, task that requires time and resources to execute effectively. Question is, how do you separate the serious inquiries from the “lookie loos”? The answer could save you countless hours of work and resources, allowing you to focus on meaningful RFPs that lead to a higher percentage of conversions.

Enter Inbound Marketing for Hotels

The inbound marketing philosophy is about reaching the right person with the right content at the right time. As you attract prospects to your website through compelling content, you can create an opportunity to gather their information through a lead capture program, then automation sends those leads to a contact database.

Once prospects have opted in, all website activity is tracked by utilizing a system which scores leads. Lead scoring allows you to monitor prospects online activity so you can deliver content when and where it makes the most sense and allow you to make a personal connection at the precise time.

Content can take form by way of blog posts, informative videos, social media posts, through triggered automation (email) or direct-to-lead emails.

With your newly gathered intel, you’ll spend less time organizing tasks, and more time having lucrative conversations with potential customers.

Here are four key benefits that inbound marketing strategies can deliver:

Accelerate the Sales Cycle

Highly relevant content can help address specific questions and attributes about your property. By providing solutions to specific challenges through content, your sales team can minimize touch points and help move the prospect through the sales cycle much faster.

Build Trust and Authority

A well-executed inbound marketing strategy can help position your team as experts and set them apart from the other “me too” options. Positioning your property team as problem solvers will help instill confidence, trust, and authority.

Position on Value vs. Price

Creating “the story” through engaging content is key when triggering an emotional attachment for prospects. Providing a visualization of what their event could “feel” like, provides a much more meaningful and deeper connection that can transcend the tightest budgets.

Increase Conversion Rates

The numbers are undeniable. Inbound marketing will improve the quality of your sales pipeline, allowing you to focus on converting prospects with the highest potential. Lead scoring is critical when determining how a potential customer has been nurtured and when the time is right to engage. The right response at the right time is the key to success.

Technology is changing the way we sell, so we must adapt or suffer the consequences.

There’s no question we’re all feeling the effects of techno overload. With so many apps, platforms, and strategies, how can anyone keep up with it all?

Despite the newest shiny object, it’s important to focus first on the concept and objective. There are literally dozens of ways to solve the same problem, but the facts remain the same: technology has made it much easier for us to perform some of the most daunting tasks -including the submission of dozens of RFPs- with ease. In order to keep your sanity and improve your bottom line, one must work smarter, not harder.

What You Can Do Today: It’s time to fight fire with fire. Put Inbound marketing and technology to work for you. The easiest way to begin utilizing these strategies is by developing a property blog and start with a basic automation. Start small, but start doing. Measure results, make adjustments that will improve performance. Avoid frustration by taking on too much at once. Once you’ve mastered the basics, increase functionality and expectations. Inbound marketing takes time. It’s no (sales) silver bullet, but those who stay the course will reap the rewards!

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