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Prospecting Blues? Social Selling Can Turn Things Around – Here’s Why and How

As we explore the idea of social selling, we’ll dig deep into some key concepts. In our first post on this series, we covered the idea of building relationships by serving. In today’s post, we’re going to explore how to identify your ideal client and attract them to you by “speaking their language” to make for even more impactful relationship building. We will also share the importance of setting goals for yourself. 

Let’s Dive In!

Social Selling Tips

Have you ever attended a cocktail party where you knew only a few people? You probably milled around the hors d'oeuvres until a conversation was sparked. As you tentatively struck up small talk with strangers, you likely either made a connection, or you didn't. We're guessing the folks with whom you made an immediate connection were the ones you most related to, are we right?

Making connections is about being relatable. Which may not come easy for some folks, so we've outlined some strategies to help you along the way.

Approach Prospecting with the Person in Mind, Not From A Mass Perspective 


It should come as no surprise that if you try to market to everyone, you’re in fact marketing to no one. It’s important to keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing. When it comes to prospecting you’re marketing to individuals from individual businesses. 

Here are some solutions that keep a personal perspective:

  • Build a LinkedIn profile that’s 100% client-focused - you know their problem and you have a solution
  • Consider the prospect’s labels - both professional and personal (mom, cyclist, marketing manager) 
  • Understand the nuances of such labels (business owner vs entrepreneur for example)
  • Think about some of the languages they would use 
    • The goal is to know your ideal clients so well that you can think like them, speak like them, experience their emotions, and fully understand them.

Exercises to Help You Dive Even Deeper

Now, think about what makes your prospects click. First, list your top 10 clients and identify their commonalities - both professional and personal. Sorting tags could include their company role, demographics, industry, personal traits or even management style.

Next, consider what challenges these folks are facing, either professionally or personally. Can you identify a problem they are facing in their life or job? Perhaps, personally, it's a working mom who needs more time in her day to balance it all. Maybe, it's a marketing manager who is tasked with saving the company money on venders. Whatever it is, try and pinpoint worst-case scenario they are facing and list some of the reasons why they have not acted on finding or implementing a solution to their problem.

Here's where it gets fun!

What your client really wants is a solution to their problem. So, can you now identify one for them? After you've considered a solution, document how you think their life will improve? How do they feel? What did they say after their problem was solved?

Now, Speak to Them In Their Language

After you've done your homework, chances are you're going to more easily relate to their problems and the desired solutions, THIS is going help you to speak their language. You're flipping the script, rather than coming at them from with your creative sales jargon, you're opening up to them in a way that's relatable.  

These steps are essential in laying the foundation for your success in social selling, so make sure you take the time to get to know WHO your prospects are and refine your communication style so you can most easily make a connection. 

What is YOUR Why?

In addition to using the terminology of your prospects, and providing solutions to their problems, you need to be clear on your WHY. 

It's easy to get stuck on what you do or how you do it, but if you can simplify in a few sentences WHY you do it, that's solid gold.

The fact of the matter is, your prospects is bombarded with choices. The kicker for you is that they can emotionally connect with your message and why you do it. THIS is going to deepen that relationship!

Write your "why story" and include all the related emotional motivations. Then, simplify your "why" to a few sentences that reflect your motivations to your ideal clients. This will help authenticate your relationship and create that stickiness that will motivate them to choose you, and your solution. 

Determine Your Goals

You have the connection, the voice, and the why now it's time to determine your goals. While the who and how will get you going, the goals will guide you in every step of the journey. This is going to be your action plan.

Some common goals include:

  • Increasing the bottom line
  • Building relationships
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Establishing thought-leadership
  • Attracting more leads

Write down your goals and be specific. Then, document what you will consider to be a success. Use the SMART criteria:


Be realistic and consistent, and you'll be well on your way to deepening new relationships, and add to the bottom line!

In Conclusion

  1. Take the time to know who your prospective customers are
  2. Understand their language
  3. Identify their challenges and offer a solution
  4. Understand your WHY
  5. Pinpoint your goals

When you’re ready, open the floodgates

As outlined above, the concept of Social Selling isn’t really about sales at all. 

It’s more about helping someone solve a problem they have.

With that said, what if you had the ability to know who needed help and you had the solution to help them.

Imagine what that type of insight could do for your bottom line.

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