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7 Recruitment Marketing Strategies to Attract the Best Talent

Let's face it, recruitment marketing is quite different than any other type of marketing that you have done before. You are trying to get the perfect candidate's attention who is actively looking for a job, which will require some special strategies.

Today we're going to look at seven recruitment marketing strategies that you can use in your next campaign, giving you the best possible chance of attracting the best talent.

Getting good candidates interested in applying to your company is a great challenge. You have to combine recruitment efforts with marketing tactics, even though they are usually too distinct and separate teams at any business. For the continued success of your company, however, you must be selling not just your product or service but also your organization as a place to work.

Below are some strategies that a business can use to recruit for their team.

Follow These Recruitment Marketing Strategies for Top Talent

1. Employer Branding

It is important to have a strong employer branding strategy to attract the best in your field.  A great way to do this is by showcasing company news, events, accomplishments, rewards, and any other photos or videos on all the company websites and across social channels.  You can even include customer testimonials that will highlight what you are best known for.

In addition to attracting the best in your field, you should create diversity between employees and team members within hiring processes. This is important because different perspectives bring more creativity and innovation to your company.  By identifying your candidate persona and establishing a value proposition, you can fill the talent pipeline with many qualified candidates.

2. A Polished Website

Your website needs to stand out from the crowded digital marketing world. This means that when a job seeker is on a hunt for a new position when they Google your brand's name, it will be the first to appear in the results. Also, efforts surrounding SEO, social media, and other job postings will lead to your website.

3. Social Media and Social Recruiting

There is a higher chance that your potential candidates are on social media, so be sure to choose the right social media platform. You can use LinkedIn as an obvious choice, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram to target and connect with potential applicants. On all the social media accounts, ensure that you provide important business details.

Another great thing to implement is the photo of your employees to give a more human feel to a business social media account. This also includes mobile recruiting especially considering the rapid growth of mobile searches.

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4. Employee Branding

Employee branding is different than employer branding because this is how your current employees are publically represented. Your employee brand is the reputation of your organization. The brand shows how your business stands out from a group of similar organizations as a way to be recognized and remembered. Employee branding crosses multiple platforms and channels to show exactly what to have to offer as a workplace.

By identifying your candidate persona and establishing a value proposition, you can fill the talent pipeline with many qualified candidates.

5. Employee Referral Programs

Organizations always underestimate employee referral programs as a tool of recruitment marketing. But when it is done right, marketing referral can have various benefits within the hiring process, for example, lower turnover rates, faster onboarding, and minimizing the cost per hire.

Since this is an effective hiring method, it is good to consider the types of referral bonuses offered to your employees as a bonus when they refer a candidate.

6. Recruitment Events

Recruitment events allow a business to build a strong relationship with a candidate from the very beginning. During these events, you will also discover skills not on their resume or cover letters, like interpersonal skills and how they communicate with your other team members.

Whether it is something small like an open house or a large-scale event like a job fair, it will take some planning ahead of time to know what you are looking to accomplish once done.

7. Content Marketing

Apart from indicating that your company is trustworthy, a strong content marketing strategy is essential. This will ensure that the best talent finds your career opportunities. The blog posts and job descriptions listed on your company’s website that potential applicants will see should showcase your organization's experience.

However, you can always hire a marketing and advertising agency like Lure Agency to help you with your content marketing needs.

Remember to focus on the positives of the job on your post-application. Things like promotion opportunities, employees, nurturing their skills, and improving their resumes will lure potential candidates into applying for the position.

The blog posts should also help the individuals understand how your teams work. The content can include a FAQ page that will answer asked questions, podcasts, and videos centered on your brand, its work, and various activities.

If you want to create an effective team that will convert sales for your company, you need to work hard to reach potential employees. A great recruitment strategy will work wonders. Try all the tips provided above and have a team of employees that'll run this smoothly for you.

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