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How Creating Content Builds Relationships and ROI in the Hospitality Industry

We know what you’re thinking: haven’t we already talked about how important content is in hotel content marketing strategies? We all know that content is “king” when it comes to marketing your brand. Most companies are churning out some kind of content to increase their audience and revenue.

However, what many people don’t talk about is the network of connections that are formed by strong content. When done properly, a content marketing strategy extends your brand’s reach beyond the borders of your own website or social media account. 

Being a part of a “content community” grants your hospitality business access to a bigger audience and powerful partners. The more you expand your network with excellent content, the better your return on investment will be in the long run.

Today on the LURE blog, let’s talk about hotel marketing content that reaches a connected, thriving community rather than disjointed, one-off customers.

Hotel Marketing: Build Relationships for Maximum ROI

How does creating the right kind of content grow relationships and ROI for your hospitality brand?

Let’s talk about it.

Find Collaboration Opportunities

When you create influential content, you form relationships with other brands, content creators, and customers to further promote your message. Let us explain.

A “content relationship” is a mutually beneficial connection formed with other content creators or brands. 

Guest posting and link sharing are also elements of content collaborations. With a guest post, you expand your own content creation capabilities while also promoting the benefits of your content partner. It’s a valuable form of content production - one that should benefit you as much as your audience.

hotel marketing

Image Source: Travel Update

Sometimes, a guest post is simply “sponsored” by another brand, such as the example above in which Travel Update included paid-for links from relevant hotels. In other cases, a representative from a different brand will actually play the role of a “guest” on another website, creating unique content on behalf of their partner.

Beyond guest posts, there’s also an opportunity to form public partnerships. Take a look at the popular relationship between Starbucks and Spotify - two very different brands with a powerful connection.

Image Source: Spotify

Starbucks is known for its premium coffee shop hospitality - it’s a part of their brand image, including the music they use to craft the perfect ambience in its shops. As a music streaming platform, Spotify saw the opportunity to forge an innovative co-branding partnership. Starbucks fans were drawn to Spotify’s platform, and Spotify users got in touch with the musical element of Starbucks branding.

Finding content collaborations is a huge step in maximizing your hospitality marketing ROI. Your brand benefits from reaching a wider audience, whether it’s through a guest post or a co-branding partnership. Additionally, such partnerships help you build relevant links across the web - something Google loves to see when it comes to hotel SEO.

Being Part of a Bigger Community Builds Trust

Another reason to create content for the sake of relationships? You need connections to be reputable. 

Who has more credibility - the lone wolf that no one seems to support or willingly work with? Or the company that’s a part of something bigger? 

According to the Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report (2020), trust in a brand is second only to a product’s price. If you want a strong return on your investment with hospitality marketing, you 100 percent need to ensure that people are learning to trust your company based on the content you’re producing.

This is especially true in the hospitality industry. COVID-19 has left us all on edge - are people going to trust your travel-related business after a pandemic with global shutdowns?

Strong content sets you up as an authority within your niche. Google and real consumers want to see that you’re connected in your field of expertise. They want to know they can trust your content, as well as the products and services you are selling.

A great way to build credibility is to pull in other experts from across the web. For instance, if Travel Awaits wants to seem like a credible source for trip planning information, they need to work with real travel experts - such as the travel experts they pulled in for this blog post. Even the title encourages people to think, “Hey, this website seems to know what it’s talking about.

Image Source: Travel Awaits

If you are able to form relationships and create content that earns your audience’s trust, bingo. That’s where the hospitality sales come in.

Get to Know Your Customers Better 

Content works to create relationships with your actual buyers. When you craft content that targets the right people and gets them talking, that’s when your ROI goes up. 

Customers are always in the process of moving through a “buying journey.” They start with simple awareness about your product, and with your help, they’ll make their way to the final stage: actually purchasing your product or service.

To really play into this buying journey, you need to understand what your customers want/need, then create content that fits the bill in a meaningful, authentic way.

Image Source: HubSpot Instagram

Now, more than ever, you need to know what’s guiding your customer’s purchasing decisions.

-          What are the problems they’re encountering?

-          What do they want to know?

-          How can your brand provide the solutions they seek? 

If you don’t know the answers to questions like these, just ask! 

Use content as a platform for learning about and engaging with your customers, as well as other patrons. Trust us: that’s where the real revenue comes into play.

Remember that content doesn’t just play a role in the digital realm. It can also serve as a tool for engaging in the real world and with local communities.

Image Source: Tribal Village

If you have volunteer opportunities to engage nearby travelers, write about them. If you’re hosting a fundraiser, event, or big meeting, let people know. The more traction you can gain with your local community via content, the better. The influence of your content shouldn’t stop at the borders of digital devices. 

Research shows that over 50 percent of your brand’s reputation comes from online sociability. The more leads you can generate by working with real customers, companies, and bloggers, the more your brand’s reputation will translate to a high ROI. 

Purpose, Purpose, Purpose 

Creating content does build relationships - but only when the content has a real purpose.

A “partnership” with no core goal or shared objective won’t last long. You need to find content partnerships that actually push your brand toward a better future - and that means creating purposeful content that patrons and other brands can really get behind. 

Image Source: 1 Hotels

For instance, look at the 1 Hotels brand. They’re all about sustainability in travel - which means they are very picky about their hotel marketing partnerships and the type of content they produce. That might limit them when it comes to some revenue opportunities, but as a whole, it’s a powerful way to imbue purpose into their content and products.

Customers are proud to say they “partner” with Hotel 1 when there’s such a great purpose to support. They want to partner with a brand that has meaning behind its name, and this brand ensures that all of their partners are working toward a bigger, better purpose than just turning a profit. 

Ask yourself: what is your hospitality brand’s purpose? We’re not talking about your sales goals or products - we’re talking about the big picture objective behind it all. If you can’t nail that concept down and convey it in your hotel content marketing strategies, you’ll struggle to form powerful relationships with others.

Draw More Eyes to Your Brand 

Lastly, we want to share an obvious but important idea: more attention = a higher return on investment in almost any case.

At the end of the day, does a piece of content that’s never seen make a sound? 

Does it really help your return on investment?

Probably not. That’s where partnerships for the sake of attention come into play.

Think about partnering with social media influencers. You don’t do it because you’re just dying to work with the popular Instagrammer or YouTuber. You do it because they have a wide audience, and a partnership with them puts you in the line of sight of very valuable buyers.

Image Source: The Blonde Abroad Instagram

Additionally, influencer partnerships can be big time savers. You’re essentially outsourcing the content creation to a powerful partner with a wide reach. They create the blog post, image, video, or email - you simply reap the rewards for a price. 

Of course, influencer partnerships aren’t the only content relationships that get more eyes on your hospitality products and services. You’ll also want to form relationships that encourage people to share your content more.

Image Source: Beat of Hawaii

For instance, look at this blog post from Beat of Hawaii. They “partnered” with Hawaiian Airlines to offer their readers a relevant, desirable reward for participating in their content. This gets their readers to not only share their post with others but also to engage more publicly with their brand.

The bottom line? More eyes are always a good thing for your hotel or any other business. Creating the right kind of content partnerships will help you achieve that goal.

Content might be king, but its queen is the network that surrounds it. Your highest returns on investment will appear when you strategically create content to build relationships with brands, websites, and customers. 

Not sure where to begin on your own hospitality online marketing journey? Reach out to our team at LURE Agency. We're all about building relationships and maximizing your revenue with smart hotel marketing.

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