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3 Quick Actionable Tips You Can Take Today to Get High Quality Leads

It's no secret that you need quality leads to grow your business. But how exactly do you get them? There are a lot of different methods and approaches, but today we're going to focus on three quick tips that will help you find high-quality prospects using LinkedIn in less than 10 minutes! These lead generation ideas for B2B are tried and true for growing your network and eventually, your bottom line.

Lead Generation Ideas for B2B

1. Optimize your LinkedIn profile

  •  Make sure you include a profile and inset photos
  • Change the title from sales to something more focused on your audience (solving problems and adding value)
  • About section should be more about helping your prospects solve their problems with your solutions (add keywords on the bottom to increase search)
  • Add as much content as possible…. Again, specific to your audience.

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2. Aim for consistent engagement

First thing in the morning plan to:

  • Post or comment on a popular post at least three times a week
  • Use blog content or any other newsworthy content from your website. Create your own post copy for personalization.
  • Subscribe to top industry sites to get access to relevant content (repost with individual comments)
  • Comment on posts with a lot of likes and comments. Add your specific insights without being salesy

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3. Create new connections

Last thing in the evening, plan to:

  • Send out roughly 25 personal invitations to new prospects. Use the search feature to locate a specific audience by title, demographic, and industry.

Here’s a powerful example:

"Hi Linda, I see we share a few mutual connections in (your target industry) so I thought I'd reach out and connect with you. Hope you have a great evening and cheers!"

If you can do this on a consistent basis, you’ll see a dramatic impact in a couple of months.

Above all else, CONSISTENCY is KEY

There’s a lot more to this strategy, but this is a great first step toward greatness.

If you're doing these three lead generation ideas for B2B on LinkedIn on a consistent basis, you'll see a dramatic impact in your personal connections and business. These three tactics are very powerful and will help you find high-quality leads, grow your network and build your authority.

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