Allow us to introduce ourselves.

We’re an integrated marketing agency with an obsession for identifying, converting, and retaining more revenue. Our proven Science and Soul methodology combines data and creative exploration, uncovering opportunities that produce measurable results and long-lasting relationships. So, we connect the dots with the dollars, transparently, so you see what you’re putting in, and what you’re getting out.

Meet the team

Even when we’re not at our desks, relationship building never rests. Our families, passing on the legacy of living. The World, playing in it and working to keep it rolling. Notice some crossover between profession and passions?

Cory Falter


The passionate and innovative founder spent his first life pro racing dirt bikes, which segued nicely into the extreme sport of sales and marketing. Cory starts fast, finishes first.

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Susan Tucker

Co-Principal | COO

Inbound marketing geek and organizer of tasks, Susan helps the analogged navigate the digital landscape and keeps our team on track. She’s fluent and fired up on blogging, content, email and all our secret sauce tools.

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Roy Trevino

Director of ROI

Our International man of mystery from Spain is no stranger to accountability. Roy’s obsession (and track record) with sound finance grants him the authority for holding our feet to the fire.

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Tandy Hogate

Content Director

Farmgirl, Alaskan, and Oxford comma nerd, Tandy creates content that is engaging and relevant. Keeping it fresh.

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Teresa Holden

Director of Strategy

Part-time art aficionado and full-time sales and marketing mavin, Teresa’s ability to find creative ways to drive revenue would make Picasso turn green with envy.

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Alessandra Roqueta

Director of Engagement

Writing and shooting with a digital lens and a global filter, Allie contently trips us out with her journey from keywords to stories to experiences to communities. She shares well with others.

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Why Us?

It’s no mystery that marketing agencies are a dime a dozen.

Separating fact from fiction can be challenging.

However, there are some important factors that help set some apart from others.

Here are a few of our ours we hope you find refreshing.

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Stability and Reliability

Founded in 2012 with average partner retention of three years.

Top Level Accountability

Our leadership team has been together since 2015. The buck stops with them.

Our Sauce is Never Secret

Knowledge is power. And we love sharing it all with our partners.

The Anti-Agency, Agency

No big boxes, cookie-cutters, or run around. Concierge-level service.

Learning Curves are Costly

Turnover results in time and money. Our owners are also our account managers.

Platinum-Level Certification

Earned SharpSpring highest’s certification level, reserved for elite marketers.

Are you leaving money on the table?

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