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Generative AI in Hospitality: Chat with Craig Carbonniere

In the modern digital landscape, AI has become a prominent topic. However, there are still numerous questions regarding its implications on hospitality SEO and search. 

For a deeper dive, Cory Falter recently invited Craig Carbonniere, Senior Director of Sales | Milestone Inc., onto the InnSync Show to understand the nuances of AI's impact on SEO in the hospitality industry.

Generative AI and Hospitality SEO - What to Know

The Rise of AI in SEO

Craig emphasized that the significance of AI in today's world cannot be overstated. 

The phrase "AI is taking over" resonates with many. Marketers are now increasingly leveraging tools like Chat GPT, Microsoft Bing's generative AI technology, and Google's offerings. These tools, grounded in machine learning and natural language processing, rely on vast databases. 

In this context, SEO plays a crucial role in influencing and integrating with these AI databases.

Understanding Generative AI

Generative AI is essentially technology trained to generate data based on inputs, which could be user-inputted data or data from another technology. The primary goal is to improve both the velocity and quality of content production. This AI application is evident in website content, ad copy, email marketing campaigns, and even image optimization.

Maintaining Authenticity in AI-Generated Content

One of the challenges with AI-generated content is ensuring authenticity and uniqueness. 

Craig believes that collaboration is key. Marketers must work alongside AI tools to ensure that the content aligns with their brand strategy. 

Furthermore, understanding the tool's tone of voice and ensuring it aligns with the brand's voice is essential. The goal is to avoid producing content that feels robotic or lacks the brand's unique touch.

Starting with Generative AI SEO

For those new to generative AI SEO, Craig likens the journey to the "Polar Express" – it's crucial to hop on soon. Testing different strategies and tools at a small scale can help marketers understand the capabilities of generative AI. Embedding AI into existing processes, like monthly blog posts, can introduce consistency and efficiency.

Final Thoughts

Hospitality SEO, at its core, is about solving consumer problems and elevating content. 

Whether using traditional methods or generative AI, the focus should always be on adding value and addressing user pain points. 

As the conversation drew to a close, Craig invited individuals to connect with him on LinkedIn and explore the offerings at Milestone Inc. His passion for integrating AI into marketing strategies, coupled with his vast knowledge, offers valuable insights for anyone keen on navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape.

*Note: This blog post is based on a transcript of a discussion with Craig Carbonniere from Milestone Marketing.*

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