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Creative Hospitality Concepts - Editor's Note: In Response to Phoebe

Note: This post is in response to Cory Falter's interview with Erul & Associates, Phoebe (no last name provided) on the InnSync Show earlier this month. 

In no way do we endorse, or align with, the views expressed by Phoebe of Erul & Associates. While we appreciate diverse perspectives, we believe it's crucial to clarify our stance on the creative hospitality concepts Phoebe recommended.

Phoebe's insights into creativity for hotel vendors sparked a lot of conversation, and we recognize the importance of discussing innovative approaches in the hospitality industry. 

However, we want to highlight a few points where our philosophies diverge significantly.

Pheobe suggested three solutions for vendors and suppliers to get creative with their marketing.

Let’s dive deeper into her suggestions and offer better, more effective solutions designed for the modern customer. 

3 Insane Creative Ideas For Hotel Vendors

Phoebe Says: Say Yes to Newspaper Advertising

Newspaper ads might sound archaic, but Phoebe insists they hold surprising power. 

"Newspaper advertising, the black and white newspaper ads in six-point type... that is the best place to be," she says. 

The small type makes readers work harder, increasing their engagement. Positioning your ad in the real estate section ensures it gets noticed by a more affluent audience. 

Despite the rise of digital media, newspapers still hold sway in certain regions, providing a unique opportunity for those willing to tap into this old-school medium.

We Say Do This Creative Hospitality Concept Instead: Edutainment

While newspaper ads can still reach a niche audience, modern customers crave engaging and informative content. 

Edutainment, which combines education with entertainment, captures attention and builds lasting relationships. 

Create short, engaging videos or interactive online content that educates your audience about your products or services while entertaining them. This approach increases engagement and positions your brand as a thought leader in the industry.

Here are a few examples we love:

Alex B. Sheridan

The "edutainment" king! Alex consistently delivers value in an entertaining way. We suggest you follow him on LinkedIn for amazing tips and tricks for utilizing video in a sales strategy. is a B2B lead intelligence and sales engagement platform that uses AI to help sales professionals analyze prospect data to improve conversations and opportunities ... and their videos are hilarious!

Urban Tandoor

You may not expect us to include an Indian restaurant in Bristol, UK as an "edutainment" example we love, but trust when we tell you, we can't wait to see what Urban Tandoor will come up with next. The best part? This little Indian restaurant across the pond has lines out the door every night.

Phoebe Says: Mass Produce & Distribute Glossy Brochures

In a world of pixels, the tactile experience of a glossy brochure can leave a lasting impression. 

Phoebe advises, "Fill them with everything that you know, all that industry jargon... and print 20,000 copies and give them to everyone." 

The goal is mass distribution, whether that means slipping them under windshield wipers in grocery store parking lots or handing them out on the street. This hands-on approach can capture attention in ways a digital ad might not.

We Say Do This Instead: Craft an Engaging Website

While glossy brochures can be memorable, a well-crafted, conversion-friendly website is a more sustainable and far-reaching solution. 

Invest in a user-friendly, visually appealing website that showcases your offerings and provides valuable information. Incorporate interactive elements such as social proof, video content, chatbots for instant customer support, and a blog that directly addresses a prospects questions and objections.. 

A dynamic online presence not only attracts a wider audience but also allows for ongoing updates and engagement.

Here are some examples we love:


Impact has been a leader in inbound marketing strategies since 2009. While they have shifted from agency services to training services, their website messaging has always been customer-focused.

creative hospitality concepts

TTI Technologies

TTI Technologies is a B2B hospitality technology company, which has traditionally been a "cold" field. Rather than benefit-stuffing, they lead with their true value of good old-fashioned service, coupled with advanced technologies. They speak directly to their prospect's pain points.

creative hospitality concepts

Phoebe Says: Standard Tradeshows

While virtual events are on the rise, traditional trade shows still offer immense value. 

Phoebe suggests a classic approach: "Wear a suit to look professional, stand behind the table, act very aloof... and print out a hundred thousand pens that we can give out to people." 

This method emphasizes professionalism and the tangible connection between vendor and potential client. Giving away branded pens ensures your name is in their hands long after the event.

We Say: Creativity Trumps Tradition for Tradeshow Success

Traditional trade shows are valuable, but standing out requires creative hospitality concepts.

Instead of the standard booth setup, design an interactive experience that draws attendees in. Incorporate virtual reality demonstrations, interactive product showcases, or live social media integrations to create buzz. 

Provide memorable swag that aligns with your brand’s values and message, ensuring your brand is remembered long after the pens run out. Engaging with attendees in a personable, approachable manner will foster genuine connections and leave a lasting impact.

David Millili from LodgIQ, Nick Horgan from Amaze Insights, Cory Falter and Susan Tucker from here at Lure Agency recently share some additional tips.

Best Tips for Trade Shows:

David Millili: Even if you're a small company, invest in a bigger booth to maximize impact.

Nick Horgan: Personal connections and networking are key.

Susan Tucker: Leading with value rather than a sales pitch, especially for newcomers.

Cory Falter: Utilizing LinkedIn for pre- and post-event engagement.

HOT TIP: Check out the full interview with David, Nick, Cory and Susan on the InnSync Show >>

While Phoebe's suggestions offer a starting point, we believe in evolving these ideas to better suit the needs and expectations of modern customers. 

By focusing on strategic, engaging, and innovative approaches through creative hospitality concepts, hotel vendors can not only capture attention but also build lasting relationships and drive meaningful results.

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