Are you having a hard time being thankful this season? 2020 has been a challenging year, to say the least. With shutdowns and depressing headlines hitting us left and right, it can be easy to get caught up in the doom and gloom of our times. On the other hand, there have been some positive things that have come from our current state of affairs, too. From family connections to creative solutions to new challenges, there’s one thing that’s for sure; when faced with adversity we humans have more grit and determination than we give ourselves credit for!

This season, expressing gratitude is more essential than ever. While it can be easy to focus on the difficulties we’re facing (and, heaven knows we all have hard things)  finding appreciation for what we do have is key to staying lifted up. What if we all took time to be grateful for the new world we have discovered as a part of our changing landscape?  What if we paused to appreciate the re-established old traditions, the opportunities that have arisen, and the gift of time to spend with our family?

That is just what we’re doing here at Lure Agency.

We recently asked our team what they are grateful for this year. Here’s what they had to say.

Lure Agency – Gratitude in 2020


Cory Falter, Principal

Without question, 2020 has to be the most transformative year of my entire life. The loss of my mother, separating from my wife, giving up alcohol and a global pandemic has been a lot to handle for me this year. And only because of all of this I had the chance to pause and re-evaluate what is truly important to me. For most of my life, I took so many things for granted not realizing how lucky and blessed I am. Recently I began to meditate and that really helped me slow down and become mindful of myself and my surroundings. What I’m most thankful for this year is a deep awareness of myself and my situation which allows me to a deeper appreciation for all that’s good in my life.

Susan Tucker, V.P. of Operations

Life has a sneaky way of forcing a reset, and while the forced reset of 2020 was nothing that could have been imagined, I’m grateful for what is coming out of it. Slowing down has reminded me how grateful I am for my health and the health of my family, for our home and our togetherness. I am grateful for the more leisurely pace of our life right now, for extended daily walks with my husband, and board-game playing afternoons with my kids. I’m grateful to live in an outdoor-focused community with unlimited outside entertainment opportunities.

Most of all, I am grateful for my personal community of family and friends who take the time to check-in, connect, and help me to find humor in daily life. When you get to the essence of being a human, it always comes back to those around us.

Tandy Hogate, Content Director

This year I’m grateful for the beautiful memories our family has made together as a family and equally as hopeful for future years when we can all be together again. My thankful list looks something like this:

  • I’m grateful that some traumatic brain injuries really can and do heal.
  • I’m grateful for memories of making cookies and reading sweet books with my youngest daughter.
  • I’m grateful for new traditions being made that we likely wouldn’t have come up with if there weren’t a pandemic.
  • I’m grateful that my sweet and loving mama was brave this year and introduced us to precious family members we didn’t even know existed.
  • I’m grateful for restaurants that offer hot traditional turkey dinner takeout that I can buy for my daughter who lives out of state so she can have all the “fixings” of the holiday even if she can’t make it home.
  • I’m grateful for my kids, grandkids, and daughters-in-law who are some of the most inspiring and wonderful people I know.
  • I’m grateful for my little Alaska farm and that we can provide tasty and nourishing food for our family and so many others in the area from the dirt that my husband nurtures.
  • I’m really really grateful that soon the days will start getting longer and this Alaska winter will give way to beautiful spring renewal.

Teresa Holden, Director of Strategy

I’m grateful for the unique business opportunities that have become available as a result of the craziness.  The Direct Sales Support program with Lure would not have come together as easily if things had been normal.  And I am definitely closer to my sister, I started doing yoga and am learning to meditate.  I think this situation provided us with an opportunity to live our lives differently, some self reflection on living a better life.  Definitely have reduced my material needs!

Heather Ramirez, V.P. of Sales

2020 has been an unexpected year.  We have all had to realign, divert, pivot, about-face, shift, morph, mesh, adapt, reflect, and prioritize like never before.

In all of that, I am thankful my family and friends have had the agility and endurance to navigate the adjustments.

I am thankful that our ‘Friday night Family night’ around the fire pit has turned into any day/everyday family night and is filled with games, laughter, and silliness but also deep conversations about life and what’s important and yes, even with teens.  (Or is it the s’mores?)

I am thankful for the opportunity to help our community with weekly “Take out Tuesdays” with my son’s hockey team families helping our local Independent restaurants.  And I’m thankful for instacart and toilet paper when it’s available.

I am thankful for the unconditional love and comfort of my dogs. Animals are just the best therapy. They make everything ok, always.  Except when they snatch our dinner off of the dinner the table before we eat.   Then, not so thankful.

I am thankful for the escape in a good novel and that I met my 30 in ‘20  challenge.

I am thankful that my family and friends have so far remained safe and healthy and that technology has allowed me to stay connected with loved ones far away (and that they don’t judge my quarantine hair).

And I’m thankful for wine.

Alesandra Roqueta, Engagement Director

I’m grateful this year especially for my health and my family. Being able to surf and be active – to enjoy nature around me. Seeing my nephew grow up into his own little human. Getting to spend more time at home with my husband and dog. There is a lot of silver lining within the chaos of 2020.

As a team we are grateful to YOU, too! Thank you for being a part of our online community. Happy Thanksgiving!