Our Process. Let’s be clear.

We’ve chosen to represent the process we’d like to share with you with the Mobius strip –which has continuous geometry– because our unique science + soul blending of the personal and the digital, and the creative and the analytic, is constantly cycled through for new insights and observations.

It’s a system that’s designed to be as dynamic as client and customer relationships, because, sure, we can be on the same page today, but very few stories have just one page!


Vision & Goals

Science: Outlining realistic and attainable marketing, branding and financial goals. The Bull’s-eye.

Soul: Wishes for target and even employee personas, as well as cultural aspirations. The Dream.


Data & Insight

Science: An in-depth, unbiased audit, including the Consumer, Marketplace, Competition, Product/Service SWOT and media.

Soul: Strategic Workshop to cross-check data points with people, and to develop hypotheses for connecting with them.


Planning & Preparation

Science + Soul: Since we’ve Clarified our faces and Connected with the motivations to our personas, we can develop the Creative/Media/Brand Brief that defines a Roadmap that is backed by rational and emotional support points. Science + Soul come together, strategically and seamlessly.


Creative & Execution

Science + Soul: We create verbal & visual content, messaging and campaigns that holistically lure & engage both sides of the brain – the emotional (the people part) and the rational/factual (data), limiting the typical and costly fall-off that results from half-brained solutions!


Evalutation & Optimization

Science: Real-time metrics, plus regular review/response/request/reserve/retention surveys and tracking the brand initiatives and campaigns based on the initial objectives. Hit/miss identification.

Soul: Qualitative automated, digital and personal queries that gain nonlinear insights and create online “brand ambassadors” through participation. Message fine-tuning & persona dimensional expansion.

“AIM” Resources. Actionable. Immediate. Meaningful.

Ten-minute tools you can use, right now.

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