You can have the best marketing campaigns on the planet, but if they’re targeted towards the wrong audience or at the wrong step in your customer’s journey, your efforts will fall short. Up until the last few years marketers have only been able to target broad audiences based on things like location, interests, or salary. On a very basic level in the hospitality world, this meant targeting people who like to travel and have an expendable income. 

Digital Marketing for Hotels – How Identity Resolution is the Key

New technology is really stepping up the way hoteliers are able to target. With identity resolution, you are able to not only pinpoint who your customer is but get insight into their habits, recent activities, and more importantly, the most effective time and way to reach out to them.

digital marketing for hotels

What is Identity Resolution?

As a marketer, your goal is to understand your customer so you can expose your brand to them in a positive way that will cause them to interact with your products and ultimately make a purchase. Targeting your ideal demographic on different platforms, you’re able to garner different data points, like who likes your Facebook posts, which keywords bring someone to your website, and how many people click on your display ads. However, it’s difficult to connect all these data points and attribute them to one unique user, since each platform keeps its data in individual silos. 

What if there was an easy way to grab data from different events and attribute them to one person to create a robust user profile? That’s where identity resolution steps in. Identity resolution allows you to identify specific individuals across multiple platforms and devices, whether online or offline. 

With identity resolution in place, you can see the laundry list of ways that customer Bob has interacted with your brand and also get a better understanding of his typical behaviors. Using a code identifier that extends beyond a typical cookie lifecycle of 60 or 90 days, identity resolution platforms can scan and track all of Bob’s activities to grow his user profile. This means garnering information like all the emails Bob uses, how many devices he has, the websites he visits on the daily, which social handles he uses, the latest apps that he’s downloaded, and more.

Through identity resolution, “marketers not only get a complete picture of an individual customer — they can also track that specific customer’s journey from piqued interest to purchase, identifying which specific campaigns or creative lead to this result.”

If you think this concept is something that sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, think again. Not only is identity resolution becoming a very real marketing strategy, but “U.S. marketers are expected to invest $2.6 billion in identity resolution programs by 2022 — a 188% increase over the course of four years.” It’s time to rethink where your marketing dollars are going in your next fiscal year. 

digital marketing for hotels

How Does it Apply to Me?

Wondering how to incorporate identity resolution into your real-world marketing strategy? Imagine you own a hotel in Curacao and you’re looking to target your next client. You come across Bob and see he’s been scrolling through photos with the hashtag #Caribbean on Instagram with his mobile device. Then a few weeks later, you find out he’s purchased some snorkeling gear on Amazon. Soon thereafter, Bob starts searching for flights to Curacao while he’s at work. Knowing each of these events separately doesn’t help you much. But with identity resolution connecting them together to illustrate Bob’s customer journey, you now have the upper hand to effectively market your hotel in Curacao to Bob at the right moment and in the right place. 

Identity resolution pulls all the pieces of the marketing puzzle together, making the enigmatic process of your customer’s journey clearer than ever before. 

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