Choosing a Marketing Agency Partner? Here are 5 Qualities to Ensure Success

Are you stuck in a rabbit hole of marketing agency research? It’s understandable: When entrusting your brand to a third party, it pays to be extra vigilant.

But how do you ensure you choose the right marketing agency partner for your business?

We are here to help!

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recruitment marketing strategies

7 Recruitment Marketing Strategies to Attract the Best Talent in 2022

Let's face it, recruitment marketing is quite different than any other type of marketing that you have done before. You are trying to get the perfect candidate's attention who is actively looking for a job, which will require some special strategies.

Today we're going to look at seven recruitment marketing strategies that you can use in your next campaign, giving you the best possible chance of attracting the best talent.

Getting good candidates interested in applying to your company is a great challenge. You have to combine recruitment efforts with marketing tactics, even though they are usually too distinct and separate teams at any business. For the continued success of your company, however, you must be selling not just your product or service but also your organization as a place to work.

Below are some strategies that a business can use to recruit for their team.

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Every Hotel Has A Unique Story To Tell. Here Are Three Revenue-Generating Strategies

Aside from perceived quality, what makes you more likely to purchase a $400 purse versus a $50 one?

It’s simple; emotion.

Humans are driven by emotion, and the slightest detail often triggers us, subconsciously, into a memorized, habitual, emotional response. In essence, that’s what marketing is driven by; understanding human emotions. What does this have to do with your hotel?

Find Your Story – Add to the Bottom Line

For the most part, hotels and resorts will always be competing on price, especially those who utilize OTAs and other third parties for business. The only effective way to avoid that race and ending up on the bottom is to influence your consumers based on “emotions.”

The question begs, how does a hotel tug at the emotional cords of its possible customers? It always comes down to storytelling. Data such as price, location, and amenities will only get you so far. How can you take that data and intertwine it into an emotional story that will propel bookings and sales? Here are three strategies to consider implementing immediately!

Create a community around your hotel’s blog.

First of all, does your hotel have a blog? If not, create one ASAP! Aside from the standard data on your website, a blog is the way you converse with your audience. It’s how they get to know your personality, your quirks, and the people behind the desk. It’s your chance to share your expertise on the city you’re in, traveling in general, and anything else you are an expert in. Offering quality content that adds value to their lives will keep readers coming back for more.

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Take this one step further by creating a community around the blog in the form of an email list. Allow the blog emails captured to go into their own list. You know these are your avid readers, the ones who adore the content. How special do you imagine this group will feel when you send them a special discount code, only for them. Not accessible anywhere else. You can even keep track of the most popular blogs, by asking your marketing team to check the data and analytics, and base your discounts and special offers on that. Was your inspirational post on the importance of travel the most popular? Then put together a special package that highlights the touristy things to do in the area and offer it as a privately discounted rate only for them.

View everything as a chance to tell your story.

Having a blog is just one way to tell your story. You can forge an emotional connection every step of the way. What is your clientele passionate about? Likely, whatever they’re passionate about is a reflection of your hotel’s why, its mission statement. Tap into those passions in as many ways as possible. Is your clientele family-focused and wish to make lasting memories? Have board games in each room for use. Consider snapping a Polaroid of the group when they check-in, and leaving it in their room with the welcome packet. Use the hotel’s social media, email, and blog to leverage these other iterations of storytelling. Feature a photo of a family holding their Polaroid on Instagram. Interview a mom on what she enjoys about the hotel and post it on the blog.

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Allow the marketing to make its own profit.

It used to be that content was created as a marketing tool to drive profits. That is not a bad strategy whatsoever, useful and helpful content distributed to the appropriate audiences helps grow a loyal customer base. All of that content costs time and money to create, though. That same content, poised correctly, can bring in a direct profit.

There are a variety of examples out there, let’s look at LEGO. Have you seen the LEGO movie? Do you have children who have? Friends? Chances are you’ve at least heard of this movie. The LEGO movie is fun, comical, and charming, and by no means free to watch. When it was initially released, one had to purchase a ticket to see it. Now, you can purchase the DVD or find it on a streaming subscription service. The movie is all about LEGOs and is a direct form of marketing, yet it brings in its own profit. How can your hotel marketing team create marketing that brings in its own profit while building an emotional bond with your audience?

Your hotel can be the $500 purse purchase if your audience feels so compelled. Your hotel is not one location within a chain or another option on a boulevard of hotels. No, it’s unique. It has its own story, each team member has a story, and every guest who walks through the doors has a story. And these stories, these are stories worth paying more to learn about, to experience firsthand. Allow your story to drive revenue in a way it never has before.