What are you Grateful for in 2020?

Are you having a hard time being thankful this season? 2020 has been a challenging year, to say the least. With shutdowns and depressing headlines hitting us left and right, it can be easy to get caught up in the doom and gloom of our times. On the other hand, there have been some positive things that have come from our current state of affairs, too. From family connections to creative solutions to new challenges, there's one thing that's for sure; when faced with adversity we humans have more grit and determination than we give ourselves credit for!

This season, expressing gratitude is more essential than ever. While it can be easy to focus on the difficulties we're facing (and, heaven knows we all have hard things)  finding appreciation for what we do have is key to staying lifted up. What if we all took time to be grateful for the new world we have discovered as a part of our changing landscape?  What if we paused to appreciate the re-established old traditions, the opportunities that have arisen, and the gift of time to spend with our family?

That is just what we're doing here at Lure Agency.

We recently asked our team what they are grateful for this year. Here's what they had to say.

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b2b hospitality sales

E-Commerce Isn’t Just a Luxury for B2B Hospitality Sales - Here’s Why

When you hear the word “e-commerce,” you likely think of online retail sites, right? Stores like Amazon, who offer products of all kinds with exemplary delivery services?  

Stop right there - if you’re in the hospitality industry, and you’re still thinking of e-commerce solely in these terms, think again. E-commerce can work wonders for B2B hospitality.

Whether you’re a restaurant, hotel, or tourist attraction, your website must have e-commerce capabilities, especially for group bookings and business offerings. That’s why, as a B2B hotel or company, it’s time for you to start viewing e-commerce marketing tactics as essentials. 

The manner in which people book group travel and business events has changed dramatically. Roughly 68 percent of the B2B buying cycle is completely anonymous - before you have the chance to speak to the prospect. With more and more hotel marketing being done online, it’s time to learn to drive direct bookings to your website.

In this article, we’ll dive into why e-commerce is not just a luxury for businesses like yours. At the same time, we’ll provide you with some guidance for taking your B2B hotel marketing ideas to the next level.

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hotel group sales

How to Increase Hotel Group Sales with Expert Timing

Ever heard the saying “strike while the iron is hot?” The old cliché couldn’t be truer when it comes to hotel group sales.

Booking more than a couple of rooms at once isn’t just a matter of luck - it’s a matter of precise sales timing. Hotel occupancy rates have already declined by more than 42 percent due to the coronavirus, which means expert timing and strategic marketing tactics are essential right now.

To increase your hotel group sales, you need to think about when to ramp up your marketing - and when to hold back. Going full throttle all of the time wastes your resources, but choosing select months to increase group advertising is smart.

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social selling with LinkedIn | lure agency

10 Quick & Dirty Skills You Need to Succeed with Social Selling

In this ongoing series on social selling, we cover topics designed to help you grow revenue through authentic connections, specifically using LinkedIn as your social platform.

In previous posts, we’ve talked about the importance of serving, understanding the concept of social selling, and how to grow your LinkedIn into a profit-generating machine. We took a deep dive into LinkedIn “Dos” and explored some LinkedIn Don'ts.

Today, we’re going to get to the point with some quick and actionable skills you'll want to succeed at social selling - best of all, and they're skills you already have! Score. Check them out!

Social Selling Tips Using LinkedIn

While our LinkedIn Do's & Don'ts covered a lot of essential information, there are some fundamental skills you likely learned in grade school that will keep your profile a lead-generating machine.

1. Use Your Manners - Just Like Mom Taught You!

Common sense and good manners will get you a long way. Show gratitude, say please and thank you, acknowledge folks who engage with your posts. In the era of online everything, it can be easy to forget that one fundamental rule. Remember, you want to treat people how you would in real life.

2. Step Slightly Out Of Your Comfort Zone

If you were at a work networking event, you'd likely be sure to connect with at least one person you don't know. You'll want to do the same on LinkedIn because communication is KEY to relationship-building. It's ok - and encouraged! - to send personalized messages and connection requests to potential clients.

3. It's Ok to Make Mistakes 

Have you let your profile sit dormant because you're scared of making a mistake in a post, messaging, or otherwise? Don't let fear hold you back from being active! If you make a mistake, learn the lesson and move on, but you'll never know unless you post, test, engage, repeat.

4. Request Connection Requests

In other words, ask for help. Is there a connection you'd like to make and noticed they're in your extended network? It's OK to request a connection.

5. Be Respectful

LinkedIn is not the place to get into a heated debate on a sensitive topic. If you do find yourself in such a situation, it's best to be professional, polite, and respectful and move on.

6. Have a "Collaborative" Mentality

A powerful business-building strategy is collaborating with folks with complementary products and services. Be mindful of potential collaborative opportunities and open to ways to work with the people in your network.

7. Be Helpful

Nothing makes a stronger and more genuine impression on somebody than when you give selflessly, generously, and (most importantly) without expecting anything in return. This can be as simple as sharing a great piece of content produced by someone in your network.

8. Ask Questions and Express Curiosity

Be curious. Be interested. Asking questions or commenting on the posts and comments of your connections is vital to starting a conversation. This is where real relationship-building begins.

9. Share Ideas

LinkedIn Publisher is a fantastic way to establish your authority and expand your reach on LinkedIn. The ability to share information in a way that is easily understood or relatable is crucial when creating content on LinkedIn Publisher.

When you write, you need to make sure that you write your post from the point of view and at your audience's technical level (and potential customers).

10. Tell Stories

While it might not be appropriate to share a lot of personal information on LinkedIn, it is an excellent place to share professional or work-related stories and experiences.

Engaging storytelling makes people more interested and emotionally invested in what you are sharing. So, draw your readers in (if appropriate) with a funny, poignant, or thoughtful post that humanizes you and makes you more relatable and likable.

This list of LinkedIn best practices will provide you with a solid foundation and increase trust throughout your social selling activities.

Need help with your social selling strategies? Reach out! 

hospitality sale pros

Why Content is Essential for Hospitality Sales Pros

Right now, what do you think of when the term “hospitality sales” comes to mind?

You likely envision social media promotions, television commercials, and of course, the classic salesperson with a convincing spiel. Although these are all tried-and-true methods, if you ask us, they don’t hold a candle to the power of social selling.

Inbound marketing delivers up to 53 percent more leads monthly than traditional outbound marketing tactics. Even though TikToks and social media posts are all the rage, up to 83 percent of consumers still prefer article and video content over trendier pieces like podcast episodes or infographics.

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hospitality tech trends to watch

3 Hospitality Tech Companies to Watch in 2020

Ready to get a leg up on your competitors and turn your marketing and sales strategies into one well oiled machine? Hospitality tech companies have been keeping their ears to the ground, and are ready to address the woes of hoteliers who find themselves with stale lead lists and piles of data that need decoding. Even the savviest hotels can benefit from a boost when it comes to the latest in lead generation and data analytics. Today we’re taking a look at some of the hottest new companies to keep on your radar.

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social selling | lure agency

Steer Clear of These LinkedIn No-No's

In this ongoing series on social selling, we are covering topics designed to help you grow revenue through authentic connections, specifically using LinkedIn as your social platform.

In previous posts we’ve talked about the importance of serving, then understanding the concept of social selling, how to grow your LinkedIn into a profit generating machine and most recently we took a deep dive into LinkedIn "Dos".

Today, we're going to the opposite end of the spectrum by sharing a few things you definitely do NOT want to do on LinkedIn. It's a find balance of utilizing LinkedIn as a prospecting resource and actually making valuable connections that will stick. This list
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hotel marketing

Hotel Marketing: The Best SEO Keyword Research Tips for 2020

Need all the help you can get right now? Tighten up your keyword strategy for some quick wins.

Are we being a little too obvious when we say that hotels and tourism businesses need all the help they can get right now? Probably, but it’s true. A sound hospitality/hotel marketing strategy is more important than ever these days – and this process begins with keyword research.

COVID-19 has caused the hospitality industry’s estimated global revenue to decrease by around 34.7 percent compared to last year. Restaurants are closed. Hotels are shut down indefinitely. Tours, excursions, and fun activities have been put on pause.

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linkedin marketing tips - social selling

Dive Deep Into These 11 LinkedIn "Do's" for Social Selling Success

In this ongoing series on social selling, we are covering topics designed to help you grow revenue through authentic connections, specifically using LinkedIn as your social platform.

In previous posts we’ve talked about the importance of serving, then understanding the concept of social selling, and how to grow your LinkedIn into a profit generating machine

Today, we’re going to focus on understanding the best business practices to follow when using LinkedIn to generate leads. You'll want to be sure to follow proper etiquette, otherwise you'll risk damaging your credibility, which could in turn drastically affect your social selling results. Read more

2020 hospitality trends

10 Hospitality Trends That Look Towards the New Normal

Making sure you are up to date on the latest digital trends and marketing tools has always been key to maintaining a successful business, especially in the hospitality sphere. With the industry in flux, now more than ever it’s time to reevaluate your hotel strategy from minute operational details to your overall marketing approach. This month’s #HotelMarketingBuzz is honing in on the shifting trends we are seeing as we see the dust settle on the “new normal”.

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