Marriage, Meetings, and a Mission

This Texas Event Center is Impacting Their Local Community – With A Little Help From Some Friends

KELLER, TX, May 15, 2020 — With an eye for beauty and a heart for the community, The Bowden, has formed an alliance with Lure Agency to bring more awareness to the passion and purpose that fuels their mission. 

Unique to the event center space, The Bowden is laser-focused on serving the local Keller community. From weddings to meetings to concerts, to nonprofit galas, and even a family reunion or two, every event that takes place at The Bowden serves to fulfill the mission to better the community of Keller Texas. 

The heart behind the venue was the first thing that caught Cory Falter, owner of Lure Agency’s attention.  “Of all the things that make The Bowden so special, their love for community and desire to find more purpose and meaning in others is most impressive. We’re honored to be a part of their mission.” 

Don and Linda Bowden, longtime Texas residents and well known local entrepreneurs, are proud to stretch their philanthropic wings to serve their clients and community through the venue. The unique vision to offer a grand gathering place for community members that serve the community as a whole is what drives the philanthropic power of the property. The grand ballroom, nondenominational chapel, and surrounding grove of trees give a stunning backdrop to every gathering. What makes the locale truly unique, their “secret sauce” is this: Proceeds from events that take place at The Bowden goes directly to the Greater Keller Women’s Club Foundation which is a Keller based 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Simply put, weddings can help with scholarship funds for local high school graduates and corporate meetings can aid in putting food on the table for a local low-income family. Every grand event serves an even grander purpose. 

The vision behind the partnership between The Bowden and Lure Agency is to increase local awareness of the availability of the venue and the mission behind the location. Neighbors helping neighbors through events like weddings and corporate meetings are just plain good.

To learn more about The Bowden, visit their website

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