LeadFlood Gives Hospitality B2B Sales Teams an Unfair Advantage

After 2 years of intensive industry research, Lure Agency is releasing LeadFlood stating that “the hospitality sales landscape is transforming and winter is coming quickly”.

SAN DIEGO, February 4, 2020 — Lure Agency announced today that they are ready to reveal their revolutionary hospitality lead generation technology specifically developed to support a thriving proactive sales strategy.

Part of LeadFlood’s “secret sauce” is leveraging the power of Identity Resolution. LeadFlood is a powerful tool that gives sales managers an edge over their competitors by giving them immediate, real-time data informing them who is in the market to purchase what they sell.

Cory Falter, Captain at Lure Agency said: 

“After two decades in the industry, I’ve never been involved in something that will have this level of positive impact in the industry. I can’t think of anything more exciting than enabling a sales professional in this manner.”

He continued, stating, “Imagine how much more efficient and effective your prospecting process will be when you know the name and contact information for prospects who are actively looking for products or services you sell. Additionally, you’ll have the behavior giving you the knowledge to begin the communication. The proposition is simple, yet extremely valuable. I don’t know any sales professional who wouldn’t want more high-quality leads on a consistent basis.”

In an industry that is poised for change, Lure Agency is honored to be involved in offering a service that will be so transformative for the sales community, launching hospitality marketing into a new era with LeadFlood.

To learn more, visit LureAgency.com/leadflood 

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