#HospitalityMarketingBuzz | Hotel Revenue Conference Gives Guests an Unfair Advantage

Ready to get a leg up on all your competitors and learn the key to kickstarting your ROI? Mark your calendars because on February 19-21, the Hotel Revenue Conference is coming to Seattle. This conference is about providing guests with intentional content that they can start utilizing once they walk out the door—no filler speeches or convoluted pep talks here. Plus, there will be plenty of Seattle coffee going around to keep the buzz going strong.

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Hospitality Marketing  – How to Get the Edge Up on All The Other Guys

Solve Real-Life Problems

Learn how to solve real-life issues, not the fake scenarios crafted in some perfect world and their cookie-cutter solutions. Why recreate the wheel when there are plenty of pain points that already exist out there in the industry? The hotel world is messy, and this conference looks to clean problems up instead of sweeping them under the rug. By addressing day-to-day concerns, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge needed to tackle them and move on to more important items, like making sure guests have such a great time they can’t wait to come back and tell all their friends about you.

A Pool of Knowledge

It’s one thing to see a successful hotelier share their success story on stage. It’s another to have a diverse range of speakers layout unique strategies for success that touch upon every part of the industry. If you value “attainable solutions for complex problems,” get a seat at the Hotel Revenue Conference in Seattle. The conference has brought together a top-notch group of speakers that specialize in an expanse of industry topics ranging from hotel marketing, sales, and revenue management. You won’t get broad overarching knowledge here. This is about getting down to the nitty-gritty and hearing how experts in each area have fine-tuned the art of running a burgeoning business in the hospitality sphere. 

hospitality marketing agency

Workshops & Sessions

While it’s great to expand your knowledge bank through YouTube lessons and trendy educational blog posts (ahem), it’s another to learn skills directly from some of the industry’s top trailblazers in person. Apart from general talks, speakers will also be holding hands-on workshop sessions that you can participate in throughout the conference. This is your time to roll your sleeves up and get one-on-one insight from people who have gone through the trenches. With a menu of session topics, you can maximize your time by attending sessions that really speak to your current business challenges.

Hear from Our Captain

Of course, we weren’t going to let you go to Seattle alone! Our very own Captain, Cory Falter, has been selected to be a key speaker at this event, giving you the opportunity to learn all the in’s and out’s of what makes Lure Agency tick. Over the years, Cory’s penchant for adventure has brought him to take on the challenge of making the bottom line travel for hotels, resorts, and hospitality brands. With 25 years as an Art Director for brands like the Ritz Carlton and Benchmark Resorts & Hotels, you might call him a creative mind.

Register for the Hotel Revenue Conference in Seattle, and you’ll get to learn all about the R&R (Relationships & Revenue) in the hospitality industry, as well as get the leading tips on how to leverage artificial intelligence and lead generation strategies to boost your ROI. Plus, he just might tell you about the time he spent five days on Necker Island, Richard Branson’s tropical island paradise with Travel Channel—we still try to get that story out of him!

Interested in watching our Captain present at the Hotel Revenue Conference in Seattle this February? Save $50 off your registration when you use the code LURE50 at check out. Register here!