Content Connoisseur Tandy Hogate Joins the Lure Team

The Lure Agency team is thrilled to offer a warm welcome to Lead Content Specialist Tandy Hogate of Big Lake, Alaska. From breaking sod to stringing words, Tandy is a farmgirl and content connoisseur who weaves her love for organic methods to cultivate blank spaces into something useful, engaging, and beautiful. 

Tandy Hogate, Lead Content Specialist

“The internet is filled with noise and pollution. My goal is to write words that offer clarity and purpose, causing the reader to stop, take a deep breath, and walk away enlightened and encouraged.”

Tandy brings 15 years of writing expertise ranging from journalism to nonfiction ghostwriting. She has served dozens of clients including newspapers, magazines, and best selling authors. 

“The Lure team is smart and driven, working with integrity to serve their clients with excellence. I am honored to be a part of the team and am very excited to dig in!”

With her eye on enhancing engagement to raise revenue, Tandy will be curating copy for Lure Agency and its clients. Planting seeds of curiosity, readers will be quickly rewarded with useful tools for a bountiful harvest. 

“We are excited to welcome Tandy to the team,” says Cory Falter, Chief of Lure Agency. “Her enthusiasm, positive attitude and stellar writing skills are a great addition.”

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