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Ready to get a leg up on your competitors and turn your marketing and sales strategies into one well oiled machine? Hospitality tech companies have been keeping their ears to the ground, and are ready to address the woes of hoteliers who find themselves with stale lead lists and piles of data that need decoding. Even the savviest hotels can benefit from a boost when it comes to the latest in lead generation and data analytics. Today we’re taking a look at some of the hottest new companies to keep on your radar.

These Hospitality Tech Companies Are Crushing It

hospitality tech companies

“Create demand on the marketing side, convert demand on the sales side, and drive repeat business.”

Looking to optimize your marketing and sales efforts using one platform? NAVIS boasts a multitude of tools and services aimed to elevate your hospitality ROI. Empower your sales team with intelligent insights to effectively manage leads using their Reservation Sales Suite. Discover beautifully designed email templates and nurture leads every step of the way with their Marketing Suite. Dive into revenue and trends with the Analytics Suite, and even capture otherwise missed leads using their Shopping Cart Abandonment tool.

“Whether it is through the voice, online, chat or email channel, you cannot afford to miss an opportunity to capture the data to better understand your guest throughout their individual booking journey. Having the ability to collect the data of your unconstrained demand, will allow you to develop and maintain personalized and strategic messaging to your guests which will result in maximizing your revenue opportunities.”
– Dominic Donatoni, Enterprise Sales Consultant at NAVIS Hospitality CRM

With this much tech power backing your team, you’ll be able to jumpstart your bookings and manage each lead and campaign in a thoughtful and efficient way. Explore their extensive offerings at

hospitality tech companies

“The platform built to introduce your travel brand to new audiences worldwide.”

There’s no better advocate for your brand than a satisfied guest sharing their priceless vacation experiences with their friends and family. Word of mouth is one of the strongest hospitality marketing tools, and if it comes from those who you trust and know, it’s even stronger. This is where a platform like comes in handy. By putting the power of storytelling and social influence directly in your grips, the travel-savvy crew at have made it their mission to make tracking a guest’s journey and the impact it has on their social circles effortless and quantifiable. brings storytelling to the forefront and gives travelers a place to earn incentives by sharing their adventures with others, attracting potential customers and future bookings. The platform effortlessly curates content that speaks directly to your brand, so your team can focus their energies on what’s important – creating an unforgettable guest experience that contributes to your bottom line.

With the Covid era upon us, the travel industry is facing a new challenge, and it’s more critical now than ever to hear the voices and experiences of fellow travelers on the road. 

“It’s important to understand that your audience segmentation data pre-Covid is likely not applicable for the near future. The best thing you can do is engage your audience with questions to learn how they are feeling and behaving during the Covid pandemic.” – Edward St. Onge, President at 

Learn more about what has to offer, along with detailed hospitality case studies at

hospitality tech companies

3. Focal Revenue

“Improving revenue optimization through smarter hospitality technology.”

Tired of parsing together pieces of information from one platform to the next? Pulling analytics from multiple property management systems, rate shopping reports, and forecasting and budgeting systems can get overwhelming. The goal of Focal Revenue Solutions is to decode the mountains of data hoteliers receive across platforms to provide easy to digest insights that you can use to create actionable plans. Their intelligent dashboards let you see all important data in one spot, and allow you to collaborate directly with team members to ask questions and define goals. Instead of participating in a bidding war with your competitors, Focal helps you hone in on your ideal customer, and drive to the price they are willing to pay. 

“As hoteliers we must find a way to increase our decision making velocity.  With market dynamics changing constantly it’s no longer good enough to compile and share reports weekly. The hotels that prioritize automated, democratized data will be well poised to spot and act on opportunities more quickly than their competitors.” – Mike Medsker, President at Focal Revenue Solutions

Ready to get on board with a hospitality marketing platform that puts you on the offensive? Check out how Focal can power your hotel marketing strategy at

Now more than ever, it’s critical to leverage your existing resources to survive and capitalize on opportunities when they present themselves. For many operators, cash flow is especially tight and teams are lean, which is why improving your tech stack could be the key to dramatically improving profitability now and beyond.

If you’d like to learn more about how these solutions can help you, feel free to reach out to them directly or drop us a note HERE and we’d be happy to make an intro for you.